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  It is Old South, which today is no more than a dream remembered. People were once there, living with the high strong slaves songs in the quarters, in security, peace and eternity. Here, Scarlett spends her young iden years. She is well disciplined by her mother, but her blazing green eyes always betray her covert capricious self; the one who enjoys parties and the surrounding ofbeaus. She dreams to rry the noble Ashley Wilkes. The impending war shatters the golden peace of the South, and leaves ny lives pernently changed. Plantations, treasures, and honor are ruined. Scarlett is de a most peculiar widow by the war, and then compelled into a second rriage in continuation of her struggle for the salvation of Tara. And her third rriage to Rhett Butler is also jeopardized because of her secret, stubborn ardency for Ashley.

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